Pharma Retail

We know that the products and solutions we market have a positive impact on people’s lives, and this compels us to work hard every day to improve our processes and develop more innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, safeguarding the interests and investments of our shareholders. We strongly believe that passion, integrity, social responsibility, and a strong sense of urgency in our work and processes are the only means to show respect for life and people. That is why our greatest challenge is to provide the health sector with only the best therapeutic solutions, offering the highest levels of quality and the best professional equipment.


DMed Pharma commercializes more than 300 items of pharmaceutical products and medical appliances from various national and multinational laboratories, thus covering almost all areas of therapy.

Our products are currently distributed to more than 200 sales points throughout the country.

We are constantly seeking and developing innovative alternatives in Chile and around the World.